10 Of The Best Taco Joints In Dallas

These places are the taco the town.

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10 Of The Best Taco Joints In Dallas

Because tacos are life.

Yeah eating tacos on Tuesdays is fun, but you ever eat tacos every day of the week and experience true bliss? The taco gods smile upon the DFW area. From authentic, no frills taquerias, to trendy taco stands, to fan favorite franchises, the area has it all. Read on if you want to talk taco. [Featured image: @oakclifftrompo]

1. Tortilleria La Sabrocita

Set in Denton, Tortilleria La Sabrocita specializes in traditional carnitas, chicharrón, nopalitos, and tacos al pastor served on warm tortillas. When you go, be sure to try their Costilla en Salsa Roja tacos, made with pork ribs smothered in tomato chile sauce.

2. Tacos La Banqueta Puro DF

Ask anyone where to find the best street tacos in the area and guaranteed you’ll hear one name over and over: Tacos La Banqueta Puro DF. With additional locations in Forth Worth and Arlington, La Banqueta doesn’t play around in Dallas, where their menu is geared solely on tacos and quesadillas. Their taco menu features 10 options, all of which are priced under 2$ a pop. Flavor-wise, it’s hard to say you’ll get more bang for your buck than at La Banqueta.

3. El Come Taco


It’s safe to say that El Come Taco at 2513 N. Fitzhugh Ave. does not discriminate when it comes to traditional Mexico-City taco fixtures. If it tastes good in a taco, then it’ll show up on its menu. Past fixtures have included chapulines (grasshoppers) and escamoles (ant larvae) – and the people love it. With their rotating menu, present options range from adobo-marinated pork, to salted sirloin and chopped brisket. Be sure to try Jose’s Taco, served with refried beans, queso fresco, and avocado.

4. Revolver Taco Lounge

Deep Ellum taco haven, Revolver, features a wide-variety of innovative taco options with fillings that include octopus, wagyu beef, orange chicken, and lobster. Be sure to try their as-seen-on-TV star, Birria De Cabricito – made with michoacan goat birria, cilantro, onion, and salsa.

5. Velvet Taco

Word is out on Velvet Taco. Taking a card out of Torchy’s playbook, the taco franchise has expanded across state lines with locations in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Chicago. That be the case, it all started in Dallas. Their menu, which varies by location, is categorized by ingredient: chicken, pork, veggie, beef, and fish, with over a dozen tasty options for the choosing. You can’t go wrong with their Spicy Tikka Chicken with a side of Crisp Tots and Local Egg topped off with a Kick Ass Margarita – that’s just a fact.

6. Resident Taqueria


Having influences ranging from New York, to Nola, to Napa, it only makes sense that the menu at Resident Taqueria is a bit different. Co-owned by Amy Clark, sister of rock star, St. Vincent, the restaurant includes options ranging from pecan smoked chicken with pickled sofrito, crushed peanuts, and salsa macha, to chorizo with onion, potato, and smoked tomata crema. All tacos are priced at 4$ a piece, save for their braised beef short ribs tacos, which cost an extra buck.

7. Urban Taco

Outfitted in a vibrant pastel colorway, Urban Taco, is a small but snug taqueria with a trendy and reasonably-priced menu. Their tacos cost $2.25 or $3.25 a piece, or $9.25 when bought in threes. The price is a little extra with seafood. Options include beer-and-chile-braised barbacoa, chicken tinga, and red snapper. The Al Pastor a La Tuma – with fried manchego cheese, roasted habanero salsa, and avocado – is a tasty standout.

8. El Pueblo Restaurant

Located on the east side of Bishop Arts District, El Pueblo serves a variety of truly authentic street eats. Their taco selection is top notch, with a quartet going for the price of $6. Their carnitas taco, though, might just reign supreme.

9. Trompo

Home to Bon Appetit 2016’s Taco of the Year, it’s safe to say that Trompo in Bishop Arts District lives up to its name. With countless accolades under its belt, Trompo continues to serve Dallas with taco greatness. With an entire menu worthy of your taste buds, their signature, Taco de Trompo, made with spice-rubbed pork roasted on a meat spit with chopped onions and cilantro, is an absolute must.

10. Fuel City Tacos

Housed inside a franchise gas station, car wash, and convenience store, Fuel City tacos is understandably unassuming. It’s also home to some of the cheapest, tastiest tacos in town. All tacos are priced at $1.85 and are served with diced onions, cilantro, sliced lime, and hot sauce – with grilled jalapeño and onions upon request. If you’re filling up on an empty stomach Fuel City is where you need to do so.

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