Experience A Fiber Fantasia At This Fairytale Yarn Art Installation In Dallas

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Experience A Fiber Fantasia At This Fairytale Yarn Art Installation In Dallas

No way, crochet.

The whimsical new exhibit at the Sweet Tooth Hotel gives us all the warm and fuzzy feelings inside. Step into Intangible to experience the most beautiful explosion of yarn bombing you’ve ever seen. [Featured image: @sweettoothhotel]

Curated from some of the top yarn artists in the world – including LA yarn-bombing virtuoso, London Kaye – Intangible is a magical exhibit that showcases the limitless creativity and imagination of yarn art.

Intangible features 11 cozy installations from a collection of talented artists including Co-founder of Dallas Yarn Bombers, Sally Ackerman, Fiber Artist Hannah Busekrus, Crochet Designer Twinkie Chan, Fiber Artist Niki Dionne, Muralist and Illustrator Alli Koch, Fiber Artist Jackie Lawrence,  Knit Artist Joanna Lin, and Textile Designer Molly Sydnor.

Installations range from wall-to-wall yarn murals, a jigsaw-styled room inspired by catnip visions, an under-the-seam installation swimming with knitted mermaids and seahorses, a thread-and-butter bakery, a shagadelic claw-machine themed room, a tufted childhood jungle gym, a playful scarf wall, and much more. All-in-all, Intangible at Sweet Tooth Hotel is a textured playground for the imagination; underscored with intensive detail – some exhibits took up to a year to complete – Intangible is a delight for sight and touch alike.

Intangible is now open. Tickets (for a one-hour experience) start at $20 for adults. Military, student, and senior tickets cost $17. Child (2 – 12) tickets run for $15. For an extra $5, visitors can opt for a Scavenger Hunt Package, which gives visitors the chance to “follow the clues and use the items provided to uncover surprises throughout the exhibit.” This package also allows visitors two plays on the claw machine, a postcard, as well as a XL handmade pom pom.

Sweet Tooth Hotel has an outdoor cafe which serves an assortment of cocktails and cereal-themed frozen drinks via contactless payment.

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