This Bookish Speakeasy Requires A Password Via Phone Booth To Get In

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This Bookish Speakeasy Requires A Password Via Phone Booth To Get In

This one goes out to all those whom were told their liberal arts degree wouldn’t amount to anything.

Hope you’ve been reading this quarantine, because you’re going to need your book smarts to get into the Rare Books Bar. In order to gain entry into this Frisco speakeasy, visitors must dial the librarian and ask for a classic piece of literature. [Featured image: @rarebooksbar]

Rather than having to dig up old book reports, patrons are instead directed to the speakeasy’s social pages, which are updated with the weekly password. At the time of this article, February 10, patrons ought to inquire about The Last of the Mohicans, to gain entry.

The low-lit interior of the bar is outfitted in leather furnishings, exposed brick walls, suspended chandeliers, and stacks of wooded bookshelves. In true literary tradition, the bar serves an extensive list of top-shelf spirits, with over 400 fine scotches and whiskeys. Cocktail-wise, the bar a special assortment of whiskey-based drinks, specialty cocktails, martinis, as well as tequila-based cocktails – including their Don Quixote Old Fashioned, made with Socorro Reposado, orange and bourbon bitters, and simply syrup. If you’re palate is more, say, Bukowski than Hemingway, Rare Books also serves a variety of beer, wine, and other liquors.

Additionally, the speakeasy serves a variety of coffee drinks. Patrons can opt to make theirs “Irish” as it were, as Rare Books offers a handful of coffee cocktails, including their Rare Book Espresso Martini.

A noteworthy food menu is also available at the speakeasy, with options for starters, salads, handhelds – sandwiches and tacos, flatbreads, and entrees. Rare Books also offers dessert options, with a dozen available varieties of cake by the slice, as well as chocolate mousse, crème brûlée, and chocolate cheesecake.

The speakeasy also hosts live music performances on select nights.

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