5 Gorgeous Gardens In Dallas To Stroll Through This Spring

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5 Gorgeous Gardens In Dallas To Stroll Through This Spring

It’s spring y’all!

The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, and al fresco brunch is calling our names. All of this could only mean one thing: spring. This year, stop and smell the roses at five of our favorite gardens in Dallas! [Featured image: @thedallasarboretum]

1. Dallas Arboretum

Embrace spring in all of its warm beauty at Dallas Arboretum’s stunning annual Spring Festival from now until April 11. Now ongoing, the festival is celebrating different areas in the United States with an explosion of colors by “100 varieties of spring bulbs and more than 500,000 spring blooming blossoms, thousands of azaleas and hundreds of Japanese cherry trees”.

2. Texas Discovery Gardens

In addition to the local population fluttering among the 7.5 acres of organic native and adapted plants, the gardens have a two-story butterfly house and insectarium. The tropical butterfly paradise gets you up close and personal with the fascinating creatures and includes a honeybee tree where visitors can witness the queen holding court in the hive. You can also plan your own butterfly release, where you and you significant other can release all those butterflies in your stomach into their Butterfly House.

3. The Rose Gardens of Farmers Branch

Dallas is a city of roses. Stroll through thousands of blooming roses at Farmers Branch four gardens. With over four hundred varieties of luscious roses in a serene landscape of trees, lakes, and trails, the Rose Gardens of Farmers Branch offers the perfect environment for a sunny afternoon!

4. Dragon Park

Tucked away in the Oak Lawn neighborhood, this secret garden offers lush, tranquil respite from the city. Under the shade of luscious trees, the landscaped park offers a moment of Zen-like serenity in the company of enchanting sculptures, with dragons, winged angels, and lions. Inside the charming park, amid its nooks and crannies, is a magical, gothic-like gazebo under which visitors you capture a photo, read a book, or conduct a seance – whatever  floats your boat.

5. Japanese Gardens At Fort Worth Botanical Garden

If there’s any Dallas garden to visit this spring, it’s the Fort Worth Japanese Garden. That’s because spring is the only time of year to see blooming flowers and plants at the Japanese Garden given its practice of Mono no Aware. The Japanese custom, translating as “transient/bittersweet beauty”, intentionally limits perennial blossoming flora – if it was always in bloom, it wouldn’t be special. So seize springtime this year by taking a stroll through the 7.5 acres of cherry trees, magnolias, Japanese maples, bridges, and Koi fish-flowing ponds.

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