Hop On A Luxury Jet To Houston For $99 With JSX Jet Service

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Hop On A Luxury Jet To Houston For $99 With JSX Jet Service

Take flight with Jet Linx.

Travelers can streamline their commute from Dallas to Houston in luxurious fashion. Dallas-based startup, JSX is has launched their Simpli-Fly program that allows travelers to hop on a flight from Dallas to Houston for less than $100, with expedited boarding and de-boarding procedures. [Featured image: @flyjsx]

With a present network of routes circulating in the western United States, including a connection between Dallas and Las Vegas, JSX plans is expanding with a route between Dallas and Houston later this year:

“Our flights between Dallas Love Field and Houston Hobby are designed with the day trip in mind,” the company writes on its website. “With daily service between convenient downtown locations, get there and get back without the hassle of airport crowds.”

“Kick back and relax on our spacious single-seating aircraft, flying exclusively intra-Texas. Each seat features 30 comfortable seats in a unique 1×1 configuration giving you even more personal space to spread out and relax on the quick hop between cities.”

In addition to their luxurious amenities offered onboard the aircraft, JSX offers an expedited “hop-on” process of boarding in which passengers need only to arrive 20 minutes prior to departure as well as other expedited procedures:

  • contactless check-in procedures via mobile app
  • limited bag handling, quick deplaning, return of bags post flight
  • no TSA bins
  • inflight drinks and snacks included on flight – no purchase/credit card necessary

Furthermore, JSX features high-level security for its customers. According to JSX, the company was the first public air carrier in the U.S. to use “AI-based, high definition thermal scanning in all its locations”. Additionally, the jet service uses an array of other sophistication weapon-detecting technology to ensure that all flights are cleared of any potential threats.

In the current state of the world, JSX offers a less congested alternative to larger planes with only 30 fliers per flight as well as airports through their private airport hangars and Fixed Base Operators. Other safety measures, include:

  • 2×1 seating configuration, no middle seats nor overhead bins
  • frequent sterilization of aircraft and lounge
  • “advanced circulation system that combines a significantly higher percentage of fresh versus recycled air while creating mass flow balance, meaning each section of the cabin has its own air induction and removal system”

For their Dallas to Houston flights, JSX will roll out their new 1×1 seating configuration system thereby granting passengers even more space between one another.

“Texas has been in our sights for a long time, and I am thrilled to introduce our unique way of flying to the Lone Star State,” CEO Alex Wilcox, said in a release. “The mission –– and meaning –– behind JSX is to provide a ‘Joyful, Simple eXperience’ that harkens back to the simpler and happier days of air travel.”

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