Kroger Is Converting One Of Its Dallas Stores Into An Entirely Self-Checkout Experience

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Kroger Is Converting One Of Its Dallas Stores Into An Entirely Self-Checkout Experience

The retail outlet is testing all self-checkout at its store on Cedar Springs Road.

On February 17, things might look a little different at the Kroger on Cedar Springs Road. Then, the retail outlet will begin a trial run for an all self-checkout shopping experience.

Kroger, which has over 2,700 US stores, will be test running self-checkout shopping at one of its smaller locations in Dallas beginning this February. For the technologically un-savvy, staff members will be present to aid with the experience.

The retail chain also plans to install new self-checkout kiosks in the process, both small and large. The larger ones, meant for high-quantity purchases, will mirror the present checkout lanes at the retailer’s stores, minus the cashier.

“We are always looking for new ways to reinvent the checkout experience for customers,” Kroger spokeswoman April Martin told Dallas News. “The way people shop evolves constantly. Look at how fast new demographics are adopting online services and purchases. This is just a part of Kroger listening to the market.”

Jennifer Foley-Howard, spokeswoman for the United Food and Commercial Workers, with whom Kroger has a contract, stated that the contract allows for such technological innovations. Furthermore, she insists that the self-checkout and automation process would not in fact displace workers.

“It is our understanding that there won’t be any displaced workers. In fact, it may add courtesy clerks,” she told Dallas News.

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