This Liquid Nitrogen-Infused, Insanely Delicious Margarita Is Scientifically Amazing

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This Liquid Nitrogen-Infused, Insanely Delicious Margarita Is Scientifically Amazing

Do you like your margaritas frozen, on the rocks, or nitrogen-ized?

Who knows who makes up these random holidays? There’s national sibling day, national donut day – there’s even a National Clean Your Desk Day – of which we’ve never celebrated not even once. But National Margarita Day, well that should’ve been something set in stone since the inception of this glorious country. [Featured image: @Adriana Herrera]

Seeing as it’s been a tough week/month/year – who’s counting? – you might want to step up your NMD commemoration this year. You can do that with one special ingredient: liquid nitrogen.

Beto & Son describes itself as a restaurant that offers next-generation Mexican cuisine. The family-owned eatery in Trinity Groves began as Cozumel under the leadership of Beto Rodarte and Phil Romano. The eatery has since incorporated the innovative flare of Beto’s son, Julian.

Their piece de resistance is their Flora Liquid Nitrogen Margarita, that which I will let them describe:

“The Flora Liquid Nitrogen Margarita is a butterfly pea flower cocktail where Socorro tequila is steeped with herbs and berries that create layers of -320 degree frozen floral flavors,” the restaurant wrote in a recent Instagram post.

“The margarita literally and metaphorically melts in your mouth as soon as it hits your palate.”

In addition to their Flora margarita, the restaurant offers a Liquid Nitrogen Frosé, and Liquid Nitrogen Piña Colada, as well as a range of other creative cocktails that include a Fireball Tequila Margarita, Barrel Aged Tequila Old Fashioned, and a Margarita Tower.

Their culinary menu is nothing to sleep on either. With lunch, dinner, and brunch options, Beto and Son offers a range of next-level Mexican cuisine. Our personal favorites include their Tenderloin Nachos, Don Beto’s Tortilla Soup – excellent for cold weather, Texas Wagyu Fajitas, and their Beat Bobby Flay-starring Roasted Carnitas Noodle Bowl made with pork carnitas, rajas, fried egg, avocado slices, calabacitas, chile de arbol glaze, pickled onions, and queso fresco. Beto and Son also offers vegan options.

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