This Speakeasy Den Is Hidden Behind Some Dumpsters In An Alley

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This Speakeasy Den Is Hidden Behind Some Dumpsters In An Alley

Tucked away in an uptown back alley is a two-story speakeasy, aptly named Atwater Alley.

Discretion is the name of the game at Atwater Alley. In fact the only sign post the bar has takes the form of two ambiguous As on a door in a crusty alleyway behind Henry’s Majestic. For those that can get past the initial sketch factor, however, a warm-lit cove of tantalizing libations await.

Visitors can also inquire about the speakeasy through the staff at Henry’s Majestic, who will point them in the right direction.

Inside the double-A doors is a two-story dimly-lit den. In a seamless blend of wooden fixtures, dark leather, and antique, old-timey lighting, Atwater Alley provides a hauntingly enchanting atmosphere to enjoy an elixir.

Cocktails at Atwater are sold by category – initially there was no menu at all. While the libations are always in flux, visitors can order from options such as “spirit-forward,” “browns,” “agaves,” “Tiki,” “bubbles,” and “sour.”

Past features have included:

  • The Atwater – rum, Pamplemousse, lime, cinnamon, egg white, Atwater Lager
  • Kon-Tiki – light and dark rum, lime, grapefruit, cinnamon, absinthe, yuzu bitters
  • Apricot Whiskey Sour – whiskey, apricot liquer, citrus, sugar
  • Arugula Melon Southside – honey dew infused tequila, fresh arugula, citrus, black pepper, charged soda

Atwater also serves a variety of provisions. Past options have included the following:

  • Miscellany ($18) – nuts, olives, goat cheese, parlour, salami, terrine, pickled vegetables, lavosh
  • Blue Point Oysters ($15) – mignonette, lemon, horseradish with options to add spirits for $10.
  • Housemade Onion Dip ($8) – fresh cut chips

The speakeasy is open from 6 pm until 2 am from Wednesday to Sunday. On Sundays it opens at 8 pm.

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