This Strawberry Farm Just Outside Dallas Is Now Open For The Season

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This Strawberry Farm Just Outside Dallas Is Now Open For The Season

Strawberry fields forever!

Pick your strawberry heart out this spring at Storm Farms, which is now open to the public! [Featured image: @cjkeeno]

Located at 3010 South Bowen Rd in Arlington, Storm Farms is a family-owned, pick-your-own farm growing produce that is something sweet. Open on Saturdays only, you can make a free reservation at Storm to stroll through their forever fields picking the sweetest berries in the state!

“Your day at Storm Farms will consist of walking through a field of strawberries where you choose your own produce,” the farm writes on their website. “The strawberries will be waiting fresh on the vine, ready to be picked. Our berries are not sprayed with pesticides as we believe in having the healthiest products.

The farm will provide you with a basket as you get to picking, as well as container for your sweet harvest – selling a pound of strawberries for $8.

While there, visitors can also have the chance to meet owner, Johanna Storm, who will be happy to teach them her strawberry ways and the art of farming.

Storm Farms also sells a variety of super sweet products on the grounds, including: strawberry jam ($6 per jar), strawberry ice cream ($8 per pint), Storm Salsa ($7 a jar), and local honey sold at $1 an ounce.

The farm will be open every Saturday from now until around the end of May when the weather gets too hot. Admission is free but visitors must make a reservation beforehand!

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