Sweet Tooth Hotel Is Opening A Private Mini Pop-Up ‘Motel’ This Week

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Sweet Tooth Hotel Is Opening A Private Mini Pop-Up ‘Motel’ This Week

This is a motel like no other.

Sweet Tooth Hotel, home of the explosive yarn-bomb exhibit, Intangible, is to begin offering a portable and private new experience for visitors with their new Sweet Tooth Motel.

Motels sometimes get a bad rep. When compared with hotels and Air B&Bs, motels sit at the bottom of the overnight stay totem pole. Sweet Tooth Hotel, however, is repackaging their image with their miniature new venue: the Sweet Tooth Motel.

“We made a private mini holiday pop up just for you,” the venue wrote in a post on Instagram. “We’re in love with vintage motels so we built one for you to explore! You can expect fantastical desserts (look but don’t eat) and a magical winter wonderland filled with the northern lights and snow frosted pine trees.”

The exhibit’s city tour launches on November 28 at Denison on Ice where it will remain until December 4.

“Guests can expect an exterior mural reminiscent of your favorite roadside vintage motel, with a Sweet Tooth Motel twist,” an Instagram post on the Discover Denison account read.

Entry to the whimsical motel experience ⁠is limited to groups up to 4 per timed visit. Tickets are now on sale for $10 per piece.

After the exhibit’s stay at Denison, the Sweet Tooth Motel will head to Watters Creek in Allen Texas until January 3.

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