30 Of the Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From DFW Without Telling Me You’re From DFW”

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30 Of the Best Responses To “Tell Me You’re From DFW Without Telling Me You’re From DFW”

Are the Cowboys going to the Super Bowl this year?

Dallas-Fort Worth, one of America’s staple metropolitan areas. A rich hub for world-class fine dining, the famous State Fair of Texas, a beloved sports team for every major league. If you live in DFW, you have it all, and chances are, you share similar opinions with the people that live around you. We wanted to know what real locals thought about their city, so we asked our Instagram and Facebook followers to do the “Tell Me Without Telling Me” challenge.

Here are the 30 best responses that we got from y’all to the question, “Tell me you’re from DFW without telling me you’re from DFW…”

1. “I had two mambo taxis last night and am feelin it!”

Okay so this one is definitely Dallas’ favorite drink, the Mambo Taxi. A refreshing margarita with a swirl of sangria from Tex-Mex restaurant Mi Casa, just in time for the summer. Another follower even said, 2. “My last meal would be Ernie’s chicken and a mambo taxi.”

Honoring DFW Royalty

3. Alyssa Edwards, 4. Selena Gomez and 5. Norah Jones were some of the stars that were mentioned, but there was one name that stood out…

6. “Dirk fa lyfe.”

Everyone’s favorite Maverick, the 14-time NBA All Star German giant Dirk Nowitztki. He played for the Dallas Mavericks all 21 seasons of his NBA career, giving the city one championship ring. Nowiztki now serves as a special advisor for the team, and in 2019 he even got a street named after him.

Wishful Dallas Cowboys fans

It’s been 25 years since the Dallas Cowboys made a Super Bowl appearance, but loyal fans across DFW don’t lose hope. Many wishful predictions were made in our comments…

7. “Cowboys win 1 game and you post on your timeline ‘we’re going to the Super Bowl.'”

8. “The Cowboys can always come back to win the game.”

9. “Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl this year!”

And my personal favorite: 10. “Dez caught it!” Referencing a controversial throw during a 2014 playoff game against the Green Bay Packers.

Perpetual roadwork and construction

Yes, we can’t avoid the elephant in the room. Unsightly construction as a permanent piece of the cityscape. Especially when it comes to roadwork…

11. “I’ve lived here for 7 years now and have never seen 635 not under construction.”

12. “Hey look more construction. 🚧”

13. “35 is still under construction.”

14. “Highway construction forever.”

Also, while we’re on the subject of highways, let’s talk about traffic and speed limits. Another popular subject…

15. “I judge people who drive the speed limit.”

16. “Speed limits are a suggestion #leftlaneisforpassing.”

17. “I’m doing 90 mph and there’s still someone tailgating me.”

18. “I can drive 1hr ONE way and see cows, art district, and Six Flags and still not be at my commute to work.”

Famous landmarks

With a metroplex as big as Dallas-Fort Worth, there are plenty of landmarks loved by locals and tourists alike. Here are some that were mentioned:

19. “Watch for the giraffe and you know you are close.”

The Dallas Zoo giraffe stands tall over I-35. Welcoming all who enter the city northbound, like the North Star guiding travelers home. [Image via Flickr]

20. “Coors waterfall that they tore down absolute pain.”

21. “Reunion Tower,”

also known as…

22. “I wish I could afford to eat in that tall spiny ball building.”

[Image via @gallegosnl on Instagram]

23. “Lee Park in the ’60s, fortnight at Neiman Marcus, Big Tex at the State Fair of Texas…”

Who could forget our big friendly giant? [Image via Antonio Cueto]

Dallas the TV series

We also got some references to the acclaimed 70s TV show Dallas, which is probably the most popular way that outsiders have had proximity to Dallas… the city.

24. “No, I really don’t know who shot JR.

Yes, I STILL get asked.”

25. “JR and Sue Ellen are more than just cast members.”

The Taco Quarrel

We had many mentions of long-time disputes about what taco restaurant reigns supreme in Dallas-Fort Worth. We even had an Instagram poll going between local chain Rusty Taco versus Austin-native Torchy’s Tacos… surprisingly, outsider Torchy’s won fair and square.

To which one commenter responded:

27. “But aren’t they from Austin lmao.”

We know bud, we know.

Here’s some honorable mentions in the 2021 taco showdown:

28. “Velvet Taco”

29. “Cesar’s Tacos”

30. “When getting tacos from Fuel City at 3am isn’t sketchy, but second nature.”

If you know, you know.

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