10 Amazing Things To Do In Dallas This November

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10 Amazing Things To Do In Dallas This November

Fall is in full force and the holidays are around the corner. Here’s what the city’s got cooking for the month of November.

Pending the decision tonight, whether your drinking tonight (and many subsequent nights) will be celebratory or the drown-out-all-sorrows type; whether your eating habits this month will be on par with the holidays or predominately stress-based; and if the holidays force you to spend time with your family, how to go about doing that in such a way that involves the least amount of talking about the present state of politics: this list will point you in the right direction in Dallas this November. [Featured image via Shutterstock]

1-2. Catch The Holiday Light Shows

Photo credit: @luminovaholidays

Saint Nicholas isn’t skipping out on Christmas this year and neither should you. Things are as they are, it’s comforting to know that there are still many glorious ways to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in 2020. And here’s another one for the nice list: Luminova will brighten up the city of Arlington from November 20 – January 3 with millions of glittering lights and a 10,000-foot outdoor ice skating rink!.

  • From November 11 to January 3, Decatur, Frisco, and Weatherford will light up with Radiance! Created by the Peerless Production Group, Radiance! is a drive-thru experience that expands for over a mile, taking visitors around 20 to 30 minutes to complete. While cruising through animated RBG light tunnels and dazzling lighting fixtures on either side of the car, visitors tune in to their station to keep calm and carol on.

3. Spin Out In Denton

Carrying the torch of its musical legacy, the Vinyl Lounge in Denton schools patrons on taste, all the while supplying them with a variety of stellar cocktails and a lounge straight out of 60s London. The retro-fitted interior of this dreamy cocktail lounge makes it a standout among other bars and breweries spinning records. Whether you were there for the 60s or not, you’ll find yourself feeling nostalgic for that swinging era all the same.

4. Take A Tiki Trip To The Swizzle Luau Lounge

Summer is gone for another year, but if you’re having a hard time reconciling with it, you can imbibe the warm wavy vibes of the beach at the upcoming opening of Dallas’ new tiki paradise, Swizzle Luau Lounge, opening tomorrow November 4.

5. Get Caught In A Pickle (Emporium)

Photo credit via Facebook

Like all topics, ideas, and industries, controversy looms in the world of food. Does pineapple belong on pizza? Are muffins really just cupcakes? Is adding ketchup to steak utter barbarism? Amid the controversies swarming the industry is the pickle. Are they tasty? Are they cucumbers? Do they merit their widespread prominence in chicken sandwiches, bloody marys, and pickle shots? If you answered yes to any of those last three questions, you’ll elate to know that the pickle mecca has just opened up in Fort Worth.

6. Create A DIY Masterpiece With A Little Help From Alcohol

If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that free time isn’t the only requisite for completing all those home fix-up projects we pinned on our Pinterest accounts. If you need a little extra moral support – and some creative juices – swing down to Upstairs Circus for a little bit of both!

7. Fly To Houston In A Luxury Jet

On November 20, commuters can streamline their commute from Dallas to Houston in luxurious fashion. Dallas-based startup, JSX is preparing to launch their Simpli-Fly program that allows travelers to hop on a flight from Dallas to Houston for less than $100, with expedited boarding and de-boarding procedures.

8. Dine In This Romantic Tulum-Inspired Coctelería

Those with an affinity for interior design – and thirst for tequila – will elate at Deep Ellum’s newest coctelería, Yellow Rosa. A step inside the hideaway transports one to a rustic cantina in an old Mexican pueblo. The cocktail lounge takes its inspiration from “the beaches of Tulum and the cantinas of San Miguel de Allende.”

9. Dive Into America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark

Kalahair Resorts & Conventions are making waves as the “World’s Coolest Indoor Waterparks”. With locations in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, Sandusky, Ohio, and Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, the resorts are bringing their tidal wave of fun to Round Rock, Texas this November.

10. Down The Hatchet

People unwind in different ways. Some opt for the gentle path through yoga, painting, or fishing; while others blow off steam by going hard in the paint: be it boxing, hitting the bars, and/or pounding on a drum set. If you fall into the later category, or if you just like the idea of having a couple cocktails and hurling some axes, stop by Deep Ellum’s newest addition: Whiskey Hatchet


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