Flashy New Thunderbird Station Bar Peels In To Deep Ellum

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Flashy New Thunderbird Station Bar Peels In To Deep Ellum

Double Wide dive bar owner, Kim Finch, opens throwback bar just across the street.

If you’re planning on cruising through Deep Ellum this week, park the car and refuel at the retro new Thunderbird Station, for a couple beers, a Texas Coke (aka Dr. Pepper), and maybe even a Frito pie. [Featured image via Thunderbird Station Facebook]

Thunderbird Station sits at 3400 Commerce St., Dallas, a space that was formerly occupied by Maynard Riegel’s service station. In 2002, Riegel’s shutdown, remaining idle until Finch decided to remodel it into a flashy new patio bar and kitchen. Patrons will notice, undoubtedly, many aspects of Thunderbird’s design that nod to the property’s former auto-body occupants — whether in the wrench-shaped beer taps, stacks of oil drums, or garage doors.

The bar offers a menu full of gearhead-inspired cocktails, such as “Keep On Truckin'”, which features Noble Coyote Cold Brew, liquers, and coconut milk; or “Peel Out”, a dreamsicle-esque Push-Pop throwback concoction with orange, vanilla, and vodka.

Additionally, Thunderbird Station is stocked with a full-service kitchen. From throwback home cookin’-comfort food — see Thunderbird’s Frito Pie served with spork or their Sloppy Joe sandwich — to road-trip snack favorites such as their thick slabs of Rice Krispy treats, the bar and kitchen will fill your nostalgic culinary cravings.

Thunderbird Station was originally slated to open up in February, but due to the circumstances, had to hold out until this September. In addition to Thunderbird, Finch owns Double Wide and Single Wide.

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