This Psychedelic Vinyl Bar In Denton Is The Grooviest Spot In Town • Vinyl Lounge

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This Psychedelic Vinyl Bar In Denton Is The Grooviest Spot In Town • Vinyl Lounge

Take a trip back to the British Invasion…in Denton.

The North Texas town of Denton is often overshadowed culturally by the larger metropolises of Texas. Austin is its musical capitol. Houston has its name written all over hiphop, and Dallas has claim to Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Chicks (formerly The Dixie Chicks), St. Vincent (and her sister’s taco shop), Roky Erikson, Erykah Badu, and many more.

One might be surprised therefore, to find that the town is the birthplace of no small amount of legendary, up-and-coming, and genre-bending artists including the likes of Roy Orbison, Neon Indian, Snarky Puppy, Parquet Courts, Don Henley, and the Eli Young Band. Denton also got a nod, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, in the Mountain Goats song, The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out Of Denton. Carrying the torch of its musical legacy, the Vinyl Lounge in Denton schools patrons on taste, all the while supplying them with a variety of stellar cocktails and a lounge straight out of 60s London.

The retro-fitted interior of this dreamy cocktail lounge makes it a standout among other bars and breweries spinning records. The library of records, odd futuristic seating fixtures, and whimsical architectural elements may recollect one of the England portrayed in Kubrik’s A Clockwork Orange. The colorful interplay of blues, yellow, and pinks, suspended disco balls, and clash of neon lights might also give one the impression of Austin Power’s shaggadelic crash pad. Whether you were there for the 60s or not, you’ll find yourself feeling nostalgic for that swinging era all the same. 

“We’re trying to make a place that felt like that fantasy living room we all wish we had to go sit and hang out with your friends and listen to great music, but it’s probably more colorful than your typical living room,” Owner Tom Martin told the Dallas Observer.

The Vinyl Lounge offers a kaleidoscopic mix of libations with local brews, be it craft beer or specialty coffees, as well as kombuchas, and homespun cocktails. Food wise, the lounge offers local eats from Mellow Mushroom, Fuzzy’s Tacos, and Roosters Roadhouse. Follow their social media pages for upcoming events, or stop by on Tuesday nights with your favorite record for Bring Your Own Vinyl night.

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