This Neighborhood Wine Bar Has Transformed Into A Flowery Love Cove For Valentine’s Day

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This Neighborhood Wine Bar Has Transformed Into A Flowery Love Cove For Valentine’s Day

Flowers. Flowers everywhere.

Love is in the air at Leela’s. The rustic chic wine bar is turning on the romance this February by adorning its storefront with heart-shaped balloons, flowers, and an upstairs romantic escape!.

Looking to spice things up this Valentine’s Day? From now until February 14, Leela’s Wine Bar is setting the mood with a two-story romantic pop-up that’ll make your hearts swoon.

The decorations start streetside, where their cute little patio is touched up with seasonal pink, red, and white garnishes, not the least of which is the dazzling floral frame under their neon sign.

Inside, Leela’s is stirring up a series of darling cocktails that go perfect with the atmosphere. Choose from 9 different cocktails of the pop-up menu, including the Mint To Be – made with edible glitter, as well as the Espresso Yourself, Pama Potion, Netflix & Me, Be My Galentine, Single Lady Sangria, Let’s Smash, and The Cloud Nine Champs.

With adorable arrangements, balloons, streamers, and pink every which way you see, you can’t possibly enjoy these soothing libations without a little love in your heart. If you want to take things to the next level, literally, Leela’s has really turned up the mood upstairs.

Upstairs, ABV Establishments have put on the red lights for February, transforming their space to an intimate, dimly lit love cove, complete with a rose wall, plenty of red balloons, and personal tables for close conversation.

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