AURORA Artists Convert Downtown Parking Garage Into Immersive Multi-Media Art Exhibition

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AURORA Artists Convert Downtown Parking Garage Into Immersive Multi-Media Art Exhibition

Drive into another dimension at Area 3.

With the exception of a few tags and miscellaneous graffiti, parking garages have never been a destination space to discover cutting edge artwork. From now until January 1, 2021, however, you can pull into the DalPark Parking Garage across the street from Neiman Marcus in Downtown Dallas to experience a 100,000-square-foot multi-media art exhibition. [Featured image: @dallasaurora]

It’s no question that industries across the board have taken a heavy financial hit since the beginning of the pandemic. Artists, not excluded. Maybe less known, parking garages have also taken a toll. In an effort to support local artists and vendors during this low point, AURORA has transformed the DalPark Parking Garage into a 100,000-square-foot immersive art exhibition.

“Area 3 will function on a shared profit model in an experiment to support local artists and vendors whose income has been affected in the wake of COVID-19,” the organization writes on their website. “Featuring works by sixteen regional artists, the exhibition will include large-scale light, video, and sound installations as well as performances which will be viewable from the safety of attendees’ own cars.”

Tickets for the immersive drive-thru experience costs $30 per car and must be purchased online. There, visitors will also be allowed to select a time slot in which to view Area 3. The exhibition takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes to complete.

While there will not be use of strobe lights, Area 3 advises visitors sensitive to light to be aware that a variety of light forms will be on display.

AURORA is a public-arts organization based in Dallas that was founded in 2010. Since then, the organization has continued to showcase visionary and multi-faceted artwork from both local and international artists.

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