Down The Hatch At This Boozy New Axe-Throwing Bar • Whiskey Hatchet

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Down The Hatch At This Boozy New Axe-Throwing Bar • Whiskey Hatchet

Sip whiskey and hurl axes at the Whiskey Hatchet in Deep Ellum.

People unwind in different ways. Some opt for the gentle path through yoga, painting, or fishing; while others blow off steam by going hard in the paint: be it boxing, hitting the bars, and/or pounding on a drum set. If you fall into the later category, or if you just like the idea of having a couple cocktails and hurling some axes, stop by Deep Ellum’s newest addition: Whiskey Hatchet. [Featured image: @whiskeyhatchet]

Although Texas is a touch warmer than Alaska, you can now get the full lodge effect at Whiskey Hatchet sports and cocktail bar.

Wood detail, moose mounts, and red-and-black checkerboard flannel decorate the interior of Deep Ellum’s newest hatch spot. In this lumberjack-inspired lodge, patrons can catch the big game, have a couple beers, and dessert on a seltzer or two. Whiskey Hatchet’s specialty however, can be summed up in their simple motto: “Throw axes. Drink Whiskey.”

“Our Axperts (yes, you should be prepared for lots of axe puns) will start your throwing session by teaching you the basics and working with you to refine your form (10-15 minutes),”  the bar writes on its website.

“Once you’re throwing like real deal lumberjacks, they’ll officiate round robin or team style tournaments to get the competitive juices flowing amongst those in your throwing bay. Since axe throwing is all about form over power, we are confident that just about everyone will be throwing axes like a seasoned pro by the end of your throwing session.”

After you learn to chuck an axe like a lumberjack, get ready to drink like one. No, we’re talking about downing a bottle of maple syrup, but rather the Hatchet’s stout list of cocktail. Their cocktail menu features whiskey-infused libations like their Lemon Honeysuckle Old Fashioned made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, as well as their I’m Ron Burgundy? passionfruit whiskey sour made with Johnnie Walker Black. Outside of whiskey, the bar offers gin, vodka, and tequila-based cocktails including their That’s What She Said — a concoction of tequila reposado, orange, honey, lemon, and bell pepper.

Book your reservation at the Whiskey Hatchet here.

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