World’s Tallest ‘Super Fountain’ Coming To Klyde Warren Park

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World’s Tallest ‘Super Fountain’ Coming To Klyde Warren Park

Construction on the interactive super fountain will begin this summer and finish by December 2021.

Dallas is set to receive a rather impressive $10 million gift: the world’s largest “super fountain” is coming to Klyde Warren Park as a gift from Nancy and Randy Best.

Designed by LA-based Fluity Design Consultants, the interactive fountain will feature three steel “trees” in its nebula. From here, the fountain will be capable of propelling jets of water up to 95 feet in the air, while shooting aqua columns up to 100 feet, according to park president Kit Sawers. A splash pool will feature as the base of the fountain. Visitors will be treated to nightly color and light shows, in which the fountain will synchronize jet propulsions with music.

“The only way to describe this fountain is spectacular,” said chairman of the board of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Jody Grant. “It will truly be unlike anything seen before. When you look at aerial photos of Dallas in the future, we firmly believe this is the ‘blimp shot’ you will see. It will be a signature structure that by day beckons children at play and by night delights visitors with a spectacular show, reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower light show in Paris.”

The fountain, which will be placed at the Pearl entrance of the park, is a gift bestowed by Nancy Best and Randy Best.

“Klyde Warren Park has been a labor of love for both Randy and me,” said Nancy Best, who serves on the park board. “It’s a great honor and privilege to make this gift, and we hope it will spur others to do what they can, whether it be via donation, volunteering or simply a random act of kindness, to continue to make our city a place we can all be proud to call home.”

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