53 Magnificent Things To Do In Dallas In March

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53 Magnificent Things To Do In Dallas In March

Get into the spirit of spring!

Warm weather is on the way, y’all. Embrace the blossoming flowers, sunlit brunches, and open-air happy hours while temperature allows. Read on to discover 53 awesome things to do in Dallas this March!

1. Experience Enchanting Candlelight Concerts

You can still experience an absolutely magical (and safe) winter here in Dallas, and part of that is thanks to the amazing open-air spaces the city has to offer. Luckily, Fever Originals is bringing its wildly popular Candlelight concert series to two beautiful open-air venues for the season.

2. Get Your Tickets For This Blockbuster Van Gogh Exhibit

Artwork from the iconic post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh will come to life in a 360-degree digital spectacle that’ll illuminate and transform the physical space into a fully immersive exhibit. You’ll see Van Gogh’s work take over the walls and encompass your surroundings through the lenses of several dozen projectors, hyper-realistic VR headsets, or a mix of both.

3. Sip On Crafty Potions Over Ghost Stories At This Boozy Cauldron Cocktail Pop Up

Dust off your best cloak and gown, Dallas, for this bewitching pop-up is about to put you under its spell. This March, the Boozy Cauldron Pop Up is making the magic happen at The Quixotic World Magical Event Space for a hauntingly good time!

4-7. Hit The (Whiskey) Spot

Put a little hop in your step this spring with a little help from uncle whiskey. The Whiskey Spot is a one-of-a-kind tasting experience that helps develop the minds and palates of enthusiasts in the gustatory exploration of top-shelf whiskeys complimented with hand-curated bites.

  • For a different whiskey experience, the bar and restaurant is hosting a Japanese Whiskey and Sushi Tasting Event on select dates this spring.
  • Also, be sure to check out Whiskey Wednesdays, in which the bar and restaurant shares a refined selection of great spirits from around the world with samples of fine food – all giving an education in mixology!

8. Tantalize Your Taste Buds At This Dining In The Dark Experience

Imagine stepping inside a restaurant blanketed in darkness and being served a sublime three-course meal – the flavours and textures of which are intensified by your remaining senses. Sounds a little bit incredible, right? An experience that’s been backed by psychologists as an ‘amplified’ way to enjoy food, the enticing ‘Dining In The Dark’ event is coming to Dallas in March so you can “see” for yourself.

9-13. Let Your Fierce Out At A Stellar Drag Show

This year, the queens are here to slay. Five fantastic drag shows, concerts, and bingo events – both online and in-person – are hitting the scene this season. Read on to discover our five must-see drag events in Dallas in 2021!

  • MyOhMy Drag Show has been one of the most well-known drag shows in the USA. On this special night, they will be filming the show for a TV show special that will start airing in the DFW area soon.
  • This season, Saturdays are for slaying. The Queens from La Fantaisie are fixing to set the city on fire with extravagant performances that will knock your socks off.
  • Join Bianca Del Rio and the super queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race in their mission to save us from “2020”.

14. Check Out A Free Frida Kahlo Exhibit

Beginning February 28, Dallasites will be able to get a deeper insight into the artistic genius of Frida Kahlo. Until June 20, the Dallas Museum of Art will showcase some of the artist’s stunning pieces in their temporary exhibit, Frida Kahlo: Five Works. 

15. Walk Through An ‘Explosion Of Color’ With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Vibrant Spring Blossoms At Dallas Blooms

And just like that, it looks like spring in Texas. Embrace spring in all of its warm beauty at Dallas Arboretum’s stunning annual Spring Festival from now until April 11.

16-19. Sneak Into A Speakeasy

There’s something special about speakeasies. The secretive, vicarious forbidden feel of transporting back to the prohibition make imbibing cocktails all the more tantalizing.

  • Hope you’ve been reading this quarantine, because you’re going to need your book smarts to get into the Rare Books Bar. In order to gain entry into this Frisco speakeasy, visitors must dial the librarian and ask for a classic piece of literature.
  • The only sign post at this bar takes the form of two ambiguous As on a door in a crusty alleyway behind Henry’s Majestic. For those that can get past the initial sketch factor, however, a warm-lit cove of tantalizing libations await

20. Sip On Nitrogen-Infused Margaritas

Who knows who makes up these random holidays? There’s national sibling day, national donut day – there’s even a National Clean Your Desk Day – of which we’ve never celebrated not even once. But National Margarita Day, well that should’ve been something set in stone since the inception of this glorious country.

21. Go Back To The Future

The 1980s are making a come back. Be it the nostalgia-saturated Stranger Things, kaleidoscopic fashion lines, or droves of new wave, synth-driven music flooding the sound waves. Travel back in time at McFly’s, the pub made in the image of what’s been called the most ’80s movie ever made.

22. Educate Yourself On The Fight For Civil Rights

The exposition is a combination of two monumental events in the African American struggle for equal rights in the 60s: the Selma marches between March 7 and 25 in 1965, captured in Selma to Montgomery, and burning of the Freedom Riders bus, presented in Courage Under Fire: The 1961 Burning of the Freedom Riders Bus.

23. Tee Off At This Eclectic Mini Golf Course

Everyone has their one go-to nostalgia activity. Whether its ski-ball, go-karts, bowling, or mini-golf, there’s a game all of us play every once in a while to bring us back to simpler times. If mini golf is that game for you, you can experience that childhood glee with all the perks of being an adult at Another Round in Dallas.

24. Experience A Fiber Fantasia At This Fairytale Yarn Art Installation

The whimsical new exhibit at the Sweet Tooth Hotel gives us all the warm and fuzzy feelings inside. Step into Intangible to experience the most beautiful explosion of yarn bombing you’ve ever seen.

25. Find Some Time To Frolic 

Photo credit: @_rosebook_

The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, and al fresco brunch is calling our names. All of this could only mean one thing: spring. This year, stop and smell the roses at five of our favorite gardens in Dallas!

26. Dine Inside A Blanket Fort

Back in the heyday of childhood there was no sanctuary like a blanket fort. If the sheer mention of such fortress of youth was enough to trigger a nostalgic revery, you’ll be happy to know that you can enliven your whimsical childhood memories at Ida Claire bistro in Addison, where the indoor and outdoor eatery is fixed with a trailer adorned top to bottom in warm and fuzzy fabrics.

27. Cozy Up In The Nooks Of This Bookish Coffee Shop

For all the people out there who have ever been shushed at a library – this place for you. At the Funny Library Coffee Shop, guests are encouraged to crack up as much they are to crack open one of its many books.

28. Snag Some Bling At The Bar

The City of Dallas is filled with countless gems. Everywhere you look, there’s a precious neighborhood, business, or boutique. The Trove in Bishop Arts is a literal a gem, wherein the cocktail lounge doubles as an upscale jewelry store.

29-30. Sweeten Up At Dallas’ Best Bakeries

Treating yourself in the pandemic has become something of a lifestyle rather than a once-in-a-blue-moon event. If you need a sweet pick-me-up, or want to share the love, these Dallas bakeries have got all the goods.

  • Withdraw for the Sprinkles Cupcakes’ ATM – Sprinkles is a small-batch bakery that whips up everything from decadent cupcakes to delicious ice cream.

31. Create A DIY Masterpiece At This Boozy Workshop

If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that free time isn’t the only requisite for completing all those home fix-up projects we pinned on our Pinterest accounts. If you need a little extra moral support – and some creative juices – swing down to Upstairs Circus for a little bit of both!

32. Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings At This Sweet Cocktail Bar

If you like your drinks as cute and sweet as you are, the Sweet Tooth Hotel is your boozy new sanctuary. Yesterday, the offbeat art venue and bar launched their new Stay Sweet Candy Bar, with a cocktail program influenced by the likes of Starburst, gummy bears, and all your favorite candies.

33-35. Take Your Sweetheart To The Most Romantic Restaurants In Town

Photo credit: @thefrenchroom_

If you’re looking for somewhere sultry to dine out or have a drink this season, these local establishments will set the mood.

36. Visit Llama Castle

Photo credit: @blayke.ryan/@emslikewhat

Tucked in the North Texas countryside is the charming town of Royse City. There dwells a castle. It is no ordinary castle, mind you. In this Irish replica castle abides a fellowship of frolicking llamas, who await travelers and enthusiasts alike, to take them on hikes and learn of their llama ways.

37. Beat The High Score At This Retro Arcade

We weren’t around in the 80s, but that doesn’t stop us from being nostalgic for new wave-style synth pop, campy horror movies, fluorescent jackets, and an underground bustling arcade culture. If you want to wreck it like Ralph, grab your Walkman and head down to the National Video Game Museum in Frisco, home to their “Pixel Dreams” retro arcade.

38. Glamp In The Stars

New resident Texan, Elon Musk, promises that humans will land on Mars by 2026. If you can’t wait that long, you can spend a few nights at Basecamp Terlingua, an other-worldly glamping experience that integrates the future with the past, giving its visitors the impression of luxury camping in the cosmos.

39. Eat The Best Tacos In Town

Photo credit: @oakclifftrompo

Yeah eating tacos on Tuesdays is fun, but you ever eat tacos every day of the week and experience true bliss? The taco gods smile upon the DFW area. From authentic, no frills taquerias, to trendy taco stands, to fan favorite franchises, the area has it all. Read on if you want to talk taco.

40. Stream The Oscar Nominations

Photo credit: @TIFF

The Oscars have recently announced the official nominations. With the pandemic closing down theaters, and many studios opting to delay releases, original productions from streaming services have largely composed this year’s contenders. Read on to discover how to watch this year’s historical Oscar nominated-films.

41. Visit The Spa Castle

Spa Castle in Carrollton is like the amusement park version of a spa, only instead of rides they have Himalayan salt rooms and hydrotherapy pools. The innovative spa blends together traditional Asian and European styles to create a fun and luxury experience all on its own.

42. Live La Dulce Vita In This Italian Marketplace

Given the circumstances, you might have had to cancel your vacation to Italy over the summer. Be that as it may, you can still get a taste of Tuscany with the arrival of the famed Italian market, Eataly.

43. Take A Trip To The Aquarium

Get an amazing view of the many strange and beautiful creatures of the ocean at SEA LIFE Aquarium Dallas. Walk through an ocean tunnel to see sharks, peer down into a stingray pool, or pick up a crab at the interactive rock pool area. With animals ranging from tiny seahorses to majestic blacktip reef sharks, the aquarium gives you a chance to experience the wonders of the ocean without getting wet. Kids will love seeing the fish and playing at the interactive displays!

44-46. Support The Women Who Make Dallas Awesome!

Photo credit: @mastercheftd

It’s Women’s History Month, making it as good a time as ever to celebrate our favorite woman-owned restaurants in Dallas.

  • Take a tour of Dallas vibrant and beautiful art scene, featuring our favorite female murals across the City of Dallas and the artists who made them.
  • Sing your heart out to Selena and Janis Joplin, while checking out a myriad of female-fronted bands from Texas in indie, punk, and pop. Upgrade your Women’s History Month with bangers from the ladies that make Texas slap!

47. Go On A Magic-Inspired Virtual Tour

Welcome to the enchanting wizarding world at the MET! Join this virtual, interactive magic-inspired tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This tour is a virtual adaptation of “Griffins, Goblets and Gold,” the interactive tour at the Met. Make connections between the books and the art, see places and spaces that might remind you of those in the stories, and be prepared to discuss some of the influences on the series. We’ll have time for activities and plenty of discussion along the way.

48. Join The Fellowship

Get your fellowship together for this virtual experience of the Met! Inspired by well-known epic fantasies, “Crown and Prophet” will take you on an interactive adventure, using the museum’s collection. You’ll discover works of art from collections including Medieval, Arms and Armor, and Ancient Near East that will remind you of places and spaces from your favorite classic fantasy stories, as well as those that highlight the origins and influences on those tales. So grab your scabbard, hitch up your hilt, and cover up in that cloak: you’re about to embark on an adventure that offers a completely new way of exploring the Metropolitan Museum.

49. Capture The Moment

Photo credit: @carriec

Dallas is full of flourishing neighborhoods, fantastic city views, and gorgeous natural settings. If it’s been a while since you and bae shot a cute pic together, these Dallas sites will offer a backdrop as precious as the subject: you.


Let your imagination run free on a trip to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Dallas. Fifteen fun-packed attractions will keep you entertained as you build, explore, and marvel at the world of LEGO. Try your hand at engineering a LEGO building that will withstand an earthquake. Or create a brick in a LEGO factory and then immerse yourself in a 4D cinema experience. Kids of all ages will get wrapped up in the fun at LEGOLAND Dallas!

51. Smash The Champagne Button And Eat Ferris Wheel Cupcakes

Photo credit: @summerslayy

Stylish, glitzy, and vividly pink, the XOXO Dining Room in Dallas offers one of the most dazzling and photo-ready dining experiences in town. Whether its the cupcakes served in Ferris Wheels, striking pop-art, twinkling chandeliers, or bright XOXO wall, the dining room and lounge is Dallas’s go-to place to smash that champagne button – seriously, XOXO has champagne buttons.

52. Dine Royally


Savor the high life this spring at Monarch Restaurant. Perched on the 49th floor of The National, Monarch is designed with floor-to-ceiling windows, giving restaurant-goers the chance to dine on their wood-fired Italian dishes with an epic view of the city.

53. Pay Homage To Salt Bae


Internet meme and salt sprinkling extraordinaire, Salt Bae (AKA Nusret Gökçe) has just opened his Downtown Dallas steakhouse at the corner of Pearl Street and Woodall Rodgers Freeway.

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