38 Fantastic Things To Do In Dallas This February

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38 Fantastic Things To Do In Dallas This February

Get at it this February.

From surreal candlelight concerts to a llama castle and a dope-dealing pop up, there’s plenty to do in Dallas during the shortest month of the year. Read on to discover the very best that Dallas has in store this February for restaurants, bars, experiences, and more!

1. Experience Enchanting Candlelight Concerts

You can still experience an absolutely magical (and safe) winter here in Dallas, and part of that is thanks to the amazing open-air spaces the city has to offer. Luckily, Fever Originals is bringing its wildly popular Candlelight concert series to two beautiful open-air venues for the season.

2. Indulge In Japanese Whiskey And Sushi

Good drinks and fine food. All that’s needed to complete the package is you! Hosted by The Whiskey Spot, it’s an evening dedicated to sharing a selection of Japanese Whisky & Sushi. With them, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your drink knowledge with other whisky enthusiasts. You’ll sample some fine food chosen to compliment each whiskey, learn about whiskey pairings and get a first-hand education in whiskey mixology. But it’s not just about the whiskey. This is an event that gives you the chance to meet with some of DFW’s most active business leaders, making connections that will live beyond that last taste of fine food and drink. It promises to be an event that combines business and pleasure for an experience you won’t soon forget. So save the date. The food and drinks are on The Whiskey Spot.

3. Withdraw Pure Sweetness From This Cupcake ATM In Dallas

Photo credit: @willow_astor

Whether you’re getting cupcakes for him, her, them, or you, if you want Valentine’s Day to be sweet, make a withdrawal from Sprinkles’ cupcake ATM a hop skip and a dash from Southern Methodist University.

4. Capture The Moment

Photo credit: @carriec

Dallas is full of flourishing neighborhoods, fantastic city views, and gorgeous natural settings. If it’s been a while since you and bae shot a cute pic together, these Dallas sites will offer a backdrop as precious as the subject: you.

5-7. Dine And/Or Drink In Dallas’ Most Romantic Bars And Restaurants

Photo credit: @thefrenchroom_

Valentine’s Day is, if anything, an excuse to do something a little spicier than ordering takeout and watching Netflix. If you’re looking for somewhere sultry to dine out or have a drink this February, these local establishments will set the mood.

8. Visit Castle Llama

Photo credit: @blayke.ryan/@emslikewhat

Tucked in the North Texas countryside is the charming town of Royse City. There dwells a castle. It is no ordinary castle, mind you. In this Irish replica castle abides a fellowship of frolicking llamas, who await travelers and enthusiasts alike, to take them on hikes and learn of their llama ways.

9. Eat The Best Tacos In Dallas

Photo credit: @oakclifftrompo

Yeah eating tacos on Tuesdays is fun, but you ever eat tacos every day of the week and experience true bliss? The taco gods smile upon the DFW area. From authentic, no frills taquerias, to trendy taco stands, to fan favorite franchises, the area has it all. Read on if you want to talk taco.

10-14. Check Out A Stellar Drag Show

This year, the queens are here to slay. Five fantastic drag shows, concerts, and bingo events – both online and in-person – are hitting the scene this season. Read on to discover our five must-see drag events in Dallas in 2021!

  • MyOhMy Drag Show has been one of the most well-known drag shows in the USA. On this special night, they will be filming the show for a TV show special that will start airing in the DFW area soon.
  • This season, Saturdays are for slaying. The Queens from La Fantaisie are fixing to set the city on fire with extravagant performances that will knock your socks off.
  • Join Bianca Del Rio and the super queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race in their mission to save us from “2020”.

15. Party Like Its 1984

The marketing team behind Warner Bros.’ new blockbuster film, Wonder Woman 1984, have pulled out all the stops for its grand display in Downtown, Dallas. See life-size props and next-level installations at the AT&T Discovery District from now until February 15.

16. Pay Homage To Heisenberg

The pop-up runs from now to March 6, and is set to feature a laboratory of themed cocktails, interactive experiences, photo ops, catering by Pollos Hermanos, nightly entertainment, local art, and more – costumes encouraged!

17. See Surreal Pieces Of Art

Beginning February 28, Dallasites will be able to get a deeper insight into the artistic genius of Frida Kahlo. Until June 20, the Dallas Museum of Art will showcase some of the artist’s stunning pieces in their temporary exhibit, Frida Kahlo: Five Works. 

18. Down The Hatch

People unwind in different ways. Some opt for the gentle path through yoga, painting, or fishing; while others blow off steam by going hard in the paint: be it boxing, hitting the bars, and/or pounding on a drum set. If you fall into the later category, or if you just like the idea of having a couple cocktails and hurling some axes, stop by Deep Ellum’s newest addition: Whiskey Hatchet.

19. Eat All The Chocolate

Good news, Dallas, a fantastic Willy Wonka world of chocolate awaits in the city and we’ve all got a golden ticket. Indulge in the city’s finest chocolaty creations and get an education along the way with Dallas By Chocolate, an award-winning food tour of Dallas’ chocolate scene.

20. Dine Inside A Blanket Fort

Back in the heyday of childhood there was no sanctuary like a blanket fort. If the sheer mention of such fortress of youth was enough to trigger a nostalgic revery, you’ll be happy to know that you can enliven your whimsical childhood memories at Ida Claire bistro in Addison, where the indoor and outdoor eatery is fixed with a trailer adorned top to bottom in warm and fuzzy fabrics.

21. Create A DIY Masterpiece At This Boozy Workshop Bar

If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that free time isn’t the only requisite for completing all those home fix-up projects we pinned on our Pinterest accounts. If you need a little extra moral support – and some creative juices – swing down to Upstairs Circus for a little bit of both!

22. Glamp In The Stars

New resident Texan, Elon Musk, promises that humans will land on Mars by 2026. If you can’t wait that long, you can spend a few nights at Basecamp Terlingua, an other-worldly glamping experience that integrates the future with the past, giving its visitors the impression of luxury camping in the cosmos.

23. Visit The Spa Castle

Spa Castle in Carrollton is like the amusement park version of a spa, only instead of rides they have Himalayan salt rooms and hydrotherapy pools. The innovative spa blends together traditional Asian and European styles to create a fun and luxury experience all on its own.

24. Tickle Your Fancy

It’s not that we’re jaded, but having endured the whirlwind of events this year – not excluding the random appearance of a possibly intergalactic monolith – there’s not much left in store that can surprise us in 2020. That said, the opening of a Tickle Bar in Dallas did take us aback.

25. Beat The High Score

We weren’t around in the 80s, but that doesn’t stop us from being nostalgic for new wave-style synth pop, campy horror movies, fluorescent jackets, and an underground bustling arcade culture. If you want to wreck it like Ralph, grab your Walkman and head down to the National Video Game Museum in Frisco, home to their “Pixel Dreams” retro arcade.

26. Take A Trip To The Tiki Lounge

Summer ain’t for a while, but if you’re having a hard time reconciling with it, you can imbibe the warm wavy vibes of the beach at the upcoming opening of Dallas’ new tiki paradise, Swizzle Luau Lounge.

27. Experience A Fiber Fantasia

Curated from some of the top yarn artists in the world – including LA yarn-bombing virtuoso, London Kaye – Intangible is a magical exhibit that showcases the limitless creativity and imagination of yarn art.

28. Spin Out In Denton

The retro-fitted interior of this dreamy cocktail lounge makes it a standout among other bars and breweries spinning records. The library of records, odd futuristic seating fixtures, and whimsical architectural elements may recollect one of the England portrayed in Kubrik’s A Clockwork Orange. The colorful interplay of blues, yellow, and pinks, suspended disco balls, and clash of neon lights might also give one the impression of Austin Power’s shaggadelic crash pad. Whether you were there for the 60s or not, you’ll find yourself feeling nostalgic for that swinging era all the same.

29. Cozy Up In The Stacks

For all the people out there who have ever been shushed at a library – this place for you. At the Funny Library Coffee Shop, guests are encouraged to crack up as much they are to crack open one of its many books.

30. Live La Dulce Vita In This Italian Marketplace

Given the circumstances, you might have had to cancel your vacation to Italy over the summer. Be that as it may, you can still get a taste of Tuscany with the arrival of the famed Italian market, Eataly.

31. Visit The Pickle Emporium

At the Emporium, visitors can find every Best Maid Pickle product under the sun, which, if you’ve forgot, includes: dill pickles (obviously), dill pickle juice, pickled okra, dill relish, Dilly Bites, beer pickles, Hot Dills, Bloody Mary pickles, Garlic Baby Dills, and plenty more.

32. Get Your Ticket To Pleasure Island

Get ready for an intimate, immersive, and futuristic Valentine’s Day! All the turmoil, solitude & absence of jet-setting this year is surely coaxing the mind to crave liberation from reality! This season of love, escape with Madam Rhythm & her sacred troupe of misfit joys for the vacation of your ultimate fantasy. Welcome to Pleasure Island, lovelies. Here, you are free to engage with the Seven Lovely Sins – Poetry, Generosity, Passion, Compassion, Kindness, Indulgence & Enthusiasm! Let your woes melt away. Have your cake & eat it too…there is no such thing as the quarantine fifteen here! All you need to pack is yourself, & let Pleasure Island take care of the rest.

33. Drink Whiskeys From All Over The World

Good drinks, fine food pairings—all that’s missing to make it complete is you! Hosted by The Whiskey Spot, this evening is dedicated to sharing a selection of Scottish, Irish, American, Canadian and Japanese spirits as well as a variety of Scotches and Bourbons, all made from choice malts and grains. Expand your drink knowledge with other whiskey enthusiasts, sample some fine food chosen to compliment each whiskey, learn about great whiskey pairings, and get a first-hand education in whiskey mixology. But it’s not just about the whiskey: you’ll also make connections that will live beyond that last taste of fine food and drink.

34. Slip Into An Online Speakeasy

Come into a world where tipsy temptation awaits. SPEAKEASY ON DEMAND is the hottest new entertainment-mixology experience that delivers ten finely crafted cocktails to your door, to be enjoyed while watching electrifying performances. Featuring some of the top cirque, burlesque, illusion and theatrical performers in the world – Speakeasy on Demand brings a naughty rendezvous to you and lets your imagination run wild.

35. Sip On Hauntingly Good Potions

Dust off your best cloak and gown, Dallas, for this bewitching pop-up is about to put you under its spell. This March, the Boozy Cauldron Pop Up is making the magic happen at The Quixotic World Magical Event Space for a hauntingly good time!

36. Take A Trip To The Aquarium

Get an amazing view of the many strange and beautiful creatures of the ocean at SEA LIFE Aquarium Dallas. Walk through an ocean tunnel to see sharks, peer down into a stingray pool, or pick up a crab at the interactive rock pool area. With animals ranging from tiny seahorses to majestic blacktip reef sharks, the aquarium gives you a chance to experience the wonders of the ocean without getting wet. Kids will love seeing the fish and playing at the interactive displays!

37. Go On A Magic-Inspired Virtual Tour

Welcome to the enchanting wizarding world at the MET! Join this virtual, interactive magic-inspired tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This tour is a virtual adaptation of “Griffins, Goblets and Gold,” the interactive tour at the Met. Make connections between the books and the art, see places and spaces that might remind you of those in the stories, and be prepared to discuss some of the influences on the series. We’ll have time for activities and plenty of discussion along the way.

38. Join The Fellowship

Get your fellowship together for this virtual experience of the Met! Inspired by well-known epic fantasies, “Crown and Prophet” will take you on an interactive adventure, using the museum’s collection. You’ll discover works of art from collections including Medieval, Arms and Armor, and Ancient Near East that will remind you of places and spaces from your favorite classic fantasy stories, as well as those that highlight the origins and influences on those tales. So grab your scabbard, hitch up your hilt, and cover up in that cloak: you’re about to embark on an adventure that offers a completely new way of exploring the Metropolitan Museum.